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1330 John Wycliffe born
1381 - 1384 Wycliffe and assistants translate Bible into English from Latin Vulgate
1382 Roman Catholic Church condemns Wycliffe's writings
1383 Wycliffe dies
1415 Council of Constance condemns Wycliffe, posthumously, on 267 counts of heresy
1428 Wycliffe's bones are exhumed and burned
1453 Ottoman Turks sack Constantinople
         Christian refugees flee to Europe bringing ancient copies of Greek Septuagint
1455 Gutenberg prints first Bible on movable-type press
1469 Erasmus born
1476 William Caxton sets up first printing press in England
1494 William Tyndale born
1506 Tyndale enters Oxford at age 12
         Reads Bible in English to fellow students, translating from Latin on the fly
1512 Tyndale completes BA at Oxford
1515 Tyndale completes MA at Oxford
1516-1517 Erasmus publishes Greek-Latin New Testament, demonstrating corruption of
                  the Latin Vulgate text
1521 Tyndale among Cambridge students who meet to study Bible at White Horse Inn
1523-1524 Tyndale translates New Testament into English from Erasmus'
                   Greek-Latin text
1525 Tyndale attempts to print English New Testament at Cologne;
         narrowly escapes capture
1526 English New Testament printed in Worms and smuggled into England
1530 Pentateuch printed in English
1535 Tyndale betrayed and arrested
          Miles Coverdale continues translating Old Testament
          First complete Bible in English (based on a text other than the Vulgate) published
1536 William Tyndale martyred
1537 John Rogers under the pseudonym "Thomas Matthew" publishes the second
         complete Bible in English, a composite of Tyndale's, Coverdale's, and his own work
1539 "Great Bible" commissioned by Henry VIII and published by Coverdale
1555 John Rogers martyred
1557 Geneva New Testament published by English exiles in Geneva, Switzerland
1560 Geneva Bible, complete with study notes, published by English exiles in
1611 Authorized Version published (King James Version)
1620 Pilgrims bring Geneva Bible to New England